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Shalom Everyone! I want to welcome everyone to this community area. I also want to personally acknowledge and express my gratitude to our tech gurus Ayelet and Hillel, who worked hard to upload the recordings of the Zoom classes on Samuel, Jonah, Job and Mesilat Yesharim. Many thanks for all your hard work!

The earlier Zoom classes, as well as some classes on the holidays and other special occasion classes, are not yet available here.

Anyone who is interested in receiving the links to the recordings of these earlier classes should still email and I will personally send you these links. The following is a list of the topics which are recorded and which are available upon request:

The Challenge and Power of Prayer

Spiritual Goals of Counting the Omer

Shema Yisrael - the Hear O Israel prayer

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (five parts)

Waiting for the Messiah (two parts)

Understanding the Significance of the Holy Temple (three parts)

Tisha B'Av: From Mourning to Rebuilding

The Holy Temple and the Temple Mount Today and Tu B'Av

The Lives of the Forefathers (11 parts)

The Festivals of Tishrei

Dimensions of Sukkot

The Month of Dreams

The Month of Tevet - Anger Management

Belief in the Oneness of G-d (two parts)

Rabbanit Richman - Chava, the Mother of All Life

Redemption Song

Spiritual Dimensions of the Month of Shevat/the Power of Amen

The Inner Meaning of the Song of the Sea

Rabbanit Richman - The Tent of Sarah

Adar: Finding G-d in a World of Concealment

What is Prophecy?

Rabbanit Richman - Esther Unmasked

The Festival of Passover, Time of Freedom

Our Spiritual Work for the Month of Iyar

Rabbanit Richman - Miriam's Well

The Amazing Holiday of the Second Passover

Reflections on Ruth

The Coronation of Hashem

Yom Kippur

Secrets of Tu B'Shevat

Focus on Purim

The Passover Experience

Ya'akov Ben Avraham
Cheyenne (Rachel Feiga)


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