Rabbi Chaim Richman founded Jerusalem Lights in response to the urgent spiritual needs of our times. 

We all live as separate human beings, created in the Divine image, yet our souls long for true connection, to unite with the great whole, the only true reality, the Creator. With a goal of encouraging and aiding in global awakening, Jerusalem Lights was established in order to provide authentic Torah knowledge to all sincere spiritual seekers, to help connect all of humanity to G-d’s redemptive process, so that all may become active participants in the Divine plan for the restoration of man’s relationship with the Creator.

The teachings, projects and educational activities of Jerusalem Lights tap into the inner meaning of the prophecies concerning the reciprocal relationship between Israel and the Nations, providing greatest access possible to Universal Torah…Torah for the whole world.


Rabbi Richman’s teachings emphasize the role that each individual plays through his or her personal participation in the great, ultimate Redemption of all humanity currently unfolding before our very eyes. 

Jerusalem Lights is a 501 (c) 3 US non-profit organization. To support our teachings, please consider making a donation.