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Parashat Va'yera 5782: The Tests of Our Lives

The patriarch Abraham passed ten trials that proved his faith. The ultimate of these tests was the ‘Binding of Isaac’ featured in this week’s Torah portion of Va’yera: G-d’s command for Abraham to take his son Isaac, the beloved promised child of his old age, and offer him up as an offering. G-d continuously tests us all – it’s a major theme throughout Torah, and in reality, we are all being tested all the time. But is what is real purpose and nature of the tests that G-d prepares for each individual? Why are we tested? And how can we be certain that we will pass? In our portion this week, we learn that the tests we confront present us with an opportunity to rise to our fullest potential, and accomplish our mission in this world.


The Torah portion of Va'yera (Genesis 18 : 1 - 22 : 24) is read on Shabbat, MarCheshvan 17, 5782 - October 23, 2021

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