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    India Outreach

Rabbi and Rabbanit Richman have developed an extensive outreach in India, to both the Bnei Efraim Jewish community, and the Noahide community. In September 2019 they presented four Torah seminars on subjects relating to the Holy Temple in India, in the city of Erode in the Tamil Nadu state, and in the cities Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada in the south eastern state of Andhra Pradesh.

These seminars, warmly received and attended by over 600 people, covered many topics and deepened the participants’ understanding and appreciation of Torah values and their application to everyday life. Rabbi and Rabbanit continue their teaching, counseling and guidance to these communities through special live online classes and communications. They both present  Zoom Torah classes on a regular basis, especially for students in India, with simultaneous translation in the Telugu language. 


These seminars are privately funded. Jerusalem Lights is currently seeking support to enable Rabbi and Rabbanit Richman to conduct another series of seminars in India.


For inquiries and sponsorship opportunities, contact  

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