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From Arkansas to Jerusalem tune in every week for an engaging discussion on the weekly Parasha as it relates to today's reality co-hosted by Rabbi Richman and Jim Long, noted Noahide lecturer, author, and film-maker!

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Now Playing: Episode #69  Parashat Korach: Don't Get Swallowed Up by the Earth!


Korach, Hungry for the Power: An Ego-Driven World View

The man Korach, for whom this week’s Torah portion is named, led a rebellion against the authority of Moses and Aaron…as camouflage for his true intent, which was nothing less than a mutiny against G-d Himself…a denial of His existence. His power-hungry, ego-driven rebellion couldn’t conceal his real motivation, though…and ultimately, the earth concealed him, as he and his cohorts were swallowed up by ‘the mouth of the earth.’ What does this really mean, and how are we to understand this elusive account and the many fascinating, enigmatic traditions and teachings about Korach and his end? This week’s episode of the Jerusalem Lights Podcast features Jim Long and Rabbi Chaim Richman exploring the amazing account of Korach and its implications, for Jew and Gentile alike, for our modern world.

Jerusalem Lights’ is about the universality of the eternal Torah and its accessibility and vital connection to every individual, regardless of background or nationality. The goal of ‘Jerusalem Lights’ is to provide authentic Torah knowledge to all those who have a sincere spiritual hunger, exploring the reciprocal relationship between Israel and the Nations and providing greatest access possible to universal Torah… Torah for everyone.


That's exactly what happens as Rabbi Chaim Richman of Jerusalem teams up with Jim Long of Arkansas, lecturer, documentary film maker, dedicated Noahide, and student of the spiritual trailblazer Vendyl Jones.


Rabbi Richman frames the Torah’s lessons in the context of current world events and the political reality, emphasizing the contemporary challenges and personal implications for every person. Jim Long’s views and ideas, culled from his extensive experience and remarkable knowledge as a non-Jew who loves the Torah, are powerful and dynamic. ‘Jerusalem Lights’ will speak to countless seekers of truth everywhere whose questions have waited for answers.