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* The Positive Energy of Ushering in a Good, Sweet New Year!

* Making Hashem King on Rosh HaShana: Not Just Lip Service


The year 5780 is about to depart, and we prepare to welcome the New Year of 5781, may it bring every blessing! Rosh HaShana is the birthday of man and a special holiday with universal relevance and meaning for all humanity. In this week’s special edition of the Jerusalem Lights podcast, Jim Long and Rabbi Chaim Richman emphasize this universality, declaring that 'you don’t have to be Jewish to observe Rosh HaShana!' Our hosts share some tips, and deep Torah insights, on how everyone – Jew and Gentile alike – can make the most of this special time of spiritual portent, promise and renewal. Plus: Israel, the UAE and Bahrain declare peace and understanding…is this prophecy fulfilled? Jerusalem Lights wishes all our listeners a wonderful, peaceful, healthy and Sweet New Year!















From Arkansas to Jerusalem with ‘Jerusalem Lights’

Tune in to Rabbi Chaim Richman’s new weekly podcast, ‘Jerusalem Lights,’ with Co-Host, noted Noahide lecturer, author, and film-maker Jim Long! ‘Jerusalem Lights’ is about the universality of the eternal Torah and its accessibility and vital connection to every individual, regardless of background or nationality. The goal of ‘Jerusalem Lights’ is to provide authentic Torah knowledge to all those who have a sincere spiritual hunger, exploring the reciprocal relationship between Israel and the Nations and providing greatest access possible to universal Torah… Torah for everyone. That's exactly what happens as Rabbi Chaim Richman of Jerusalem teams up with Jim Long of Arkansas, lecturer, documentary film maker, dedicated Noahide, and student of the spiritual trailblazer Vendyl Jones. Rabbi Richman frames the Torah’s lessons in the context of current world events and the political reality, emphasizing the contemporary challenges and personal implications for every person. Jim Long’s views and ideas, culled from his extensive experience and remarkable knowledge as a non-Jew who loves the Torah, are powerful and dynamic. ‘Jerusalem Lights’ will speak to countless seekers of truth everywhere whose questions have waited for answers.

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Rabbi Richman established the International Department of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem and served as its director for 30 years. He recorded over 1500 video teachings on the weekly Torah portions, Holy Temple teachings, the festivals, and other Torah subjects, and  co-hosted a weekly radio show, ‘Temple Talk,’ which ran for 15 years on Israel National Radio, all of which are available at the Temple Institute’s YouTube channel

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