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Shalom - Class #07 is now available in the video library:

Shalom uv'racha

Shalom @here I'm happy to share the Book of Isaiah videos should now be accessible once again in the Video Library. Thank you for your patience. Please do let me know at if you find you are still having issues accessing the recordings.

Direct link here:


Reminder to Members in the USA who changed the clock for Daylight Savings Time: Tonight's Zoom class is unaffected by this change and will be held as usual per your time zone.

The Class will begin in Jerusalem one hour earlier (18:30) in order to accommodate your time change.

Shalom - here is Video 5 from this week's Zoom class on Isaiah. Currently, the video library for the Book of Isaiah is still down we are working with Wix to resolve this issue. Thanks for your patience.


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