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Rabbi Chaim Richman
Rabbi Chaim Richman

Rabbi Richman in synagogue
Rabbi Richman in synagogue

Rabbi Chaim Richman speaking in an Israeli synagogue

Rabbi and Rabbanit Richman in India
Rabbi and Rabbanit Richman in India

Rabbi and Rabbanit Richman on their 2019 trip in India

Rabbi Chaim Richman
Rabbi Chaim Richman


Rabbi Chaim Richman is a world-renowned teacher, author, motivational speaker and authority on the Holy Temple, who teaches the spiritual dimensions of Torah to a universal audience.

For three decades, Rabbi Richman has stood at the forefront of actively preparing for the building of the Holy Temple.

Today he directs Jerusalem Lights, a non-profit organization which focuses on transmitting the word of G-d from Jerusalem to the world.


An unconventional Torah teacher, Rabbi Richman’s teachings are sensitive and personable.  His transcendent approach to the fundamentals of Jewish thought is universal, nurturing all spiritual seekers with love and compassion. Read More >>.


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Connect  with Rabbi Richman to speak via Zoom for a one-on-one personal conversation.


Book a lecture with Rabbi Richman

Rabbi Richman has shared his vast wisdom and insights to a range of communities, Jew and non-Jew, across the world. Delivered in his unique style full of warmth and wit, Rabbi Richman connects to the audience as he speaks to the urgency of our times, focusing on both global awakening and the heart of each individual.

Emphasizing the need for every person to establish a personal relationship with the Creator, the rabbi can be a scholar-in-residence for a weekend or provide presentations and lectures during the week to your community.